Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Joan of Arc: the Life and Witness of the Maid of Orleans

The lives of the saints are a critical way we connect with the Christian faith, by examining the witness of those who have gone before us, their struggles and their impressive examples of holiness. Over the past six weeks or so, my parish, Grace Episcopal Church in Chicago, has explored several of these in liturgy, preaching, and adult formation.  They ranged from classic saints like Francis of Assisi and Joan of Arc to more contemporary figures, such as Howard Thurman and Flannery O'Connor. They are both the embodiment of the best in human nature and flawed human beings like the rest of us; they are exemplars and companions.  Several folks asked if I could share my slides from my presentation, so I decided to go one step further, and have converted my workshop on St. Joan of Arc to a twenty-minute video with study questions at the end for further discussion. "The Lord is glorified in his saints, O come let us adore him!"

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